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Suburban minimises electricity, water and chemicals used, saving you money and lessening your carbon footprint.

Eco-friendly products can cut waste, save money and be more effective than nasty chemical cleaners.

We use Ecobug products in washrooms. While old-fashioned bleach would be washed away, these good bacteria keep on cleaning. Bad smells are eradicated - not just hidden with perfume


Eco Cleaning Case Study

The super-efficient devices we use in gents' urinals only need a cup of water a day, potentially saving 98% of water flushed...

You save up to £3,153 and 1,051,200 litres of drinking water each year

(Assumes 3 litre flush every 15 minutes, at £3/m3)

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Pro-environment, anti pollution

An organisation is judged on its facilities - by customers, clients, employees, investors... That smell comes from bacteria, sporadically cleaned away with poisonous bleach, washed down with perfectly good drinking water. The bacteria return in hours.

Good bacteria eradicate bad bacteria

A fourth generation, family-run company, Ecobug have harnessed a strain of naturally occurring bacteria that erradicate the bad bacteria that cause the smell. Ecobug also digests the uric scale that blocks drains. No nasty chemicals, no masking bad smells with worse perfume.

Keeps on working

The good bacteria multiply on surfaces and walls of pipes, continuing their job long after bleach would have washed away.

Saving up to 98% water saves money

An ecobug cap keeps a urinal clean and fresh with a single cup of water. Try our online calculater to the left to see how much you could save your organization.

Time for a change?

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Midlands Cleaning Ecobug Washroom Cleaner


No more poisonous bleach, much less wasted water